Rainia My second daughter started to go to this school a few months ago. She loves going to school and I feel she is treated nicely there. I wish I also had this school for my first daughter. This school focus on more individual than the other places we had experiences before.
– Yasu Ko

Abhiram Our son Abhiram started to go to Redmond Ridge Montessori few months ago and he likes it very much. Its a fantastic place where kids learn and develop creative ideas and interpersonal skills. The environment over there is friendly and very caring. Teacher Manjari is so great with kids and they just love her!
– Akhila and Maruthi

Pic My 4.5 year old twins started attending this past fall. My husband and I are impressed with what they are learning, we can tell they have grown a lot and are learning a lot as well. They often come home signing songs they have sung, talking about games they have played, counting, and saying their ABCs. We like the friends they are making, like the location and the convenience for us as we have 2 older children attending Rosa Parks. I would recommend Redmond Ridge Montessori to anyone with preschool aged children.
– Masami Oyata-Slocum

Pic My daughter is 4 and half and has been a students for almost a year now. And she LOVES it. I am very impressed with their teaching. Each child gets one on one time with the teacher and at the end of the day we are told personally what did they learn in school. My daughter can now write 1-100 and A-Z. She can even read few words .she gets lots of art and crafts work home .they prepare the child academically, physically and socially. I would highly recommend Redmond ridge Montessori to all my friends.
– Misba Mansuri

Pic I moved my daughter from Goddard to Redmond Ridge Montessori few months back simply because I heard great things about it from friends!! I am extremely happy with the way my 4 year old is learning things! They emphasize on various things including physical activity , art , academics etc.
My daughter loves her school ! I can’t recommend it enough !! We are very satisfied and will be soon enrolling my younger daughter too !!
– Shazia Husain

Pic We moved to this neighborhood few months back and were looking for a school that has a less student to teacher ratio and was very fortunate to have found this home based Montessori. My 5 year old enjoyed variety of activities, projects, playtime etc they offer. If you have any concerns about your kids development and want them to focus on those, you get the one on one approach to help the kids. Special thanks to the Manjari for making us feel settled in the new neighborhood!
– Anitha Bhavanesh

Pic My 3 year old boy is going for the past 5+ months and he loves it. All 3 teachers are very good . He is learning new things every day and he is becoming more social. Teachers are creative in teaching and update parents about the kids learning . Will recommend Redmond Ridge Montessori to my friends.
– Sudha

Pic My daughter has been going to Redmond Ridge Montessori and we are pretty happy with the school. Manjari put in lot of efforts with kids and my daughter learned a lot in just few months. Great school to get your kids started in the school.
– Ritu

Pic We were really worried about our 2 and half old daughter getting used to school, but RRMontessori made it easy for us. She used to work on projects both big and small and always had something to show us back home proudly :). She made lots of friends and we are very glad that we chose RRMontessori for our daughter.
– Pavan Edara

Pic Initially we sent our daughter, then 5 ½ to another after school program(more commercial) close to Redmond ridge. The program seems just fine from the work they proposed, but my daughter started complaining about various things, including long bus rides, she never get to play much etc.. and we felt that she was kind of reluctant to go to that place. I stopped by the place several times and realized that we were kind of paying for what we think that the kids would like to do, instead what they really want to do. For example, at age around 6, she probably wanted to relax a bit after school before going on a bus ride to a soccer filed or start a program on leadership.This is when we found RRM and we were so glad to see the family like program they have. The school has kids from different age groups and they get to play, read, do homework together. Not a lot of students. No long bus rides, walk from school or little car ride on rainy days, which is really easy for the kids. My daughter really loves the place and the teachers. So far we did not hear any complain from her other than that sometimes she complains about the “brown bread with some seeds on it”, which we know is good for kids 🙂
– Jaliya Ekanayake

Pic Our experience with Redmond Ridge Montessori has been excellent. We have found that there is a perfect balance between work and play at RRM.My daughter does her homework there and typically on Wednesdays (early dismissal) we send some workbook for her to practice. And it is great to have someone being by her side to guide her and help her out when she has questions. My daughter simply loves being at RRM, she get to play with her friends or do artwork collaboratively. Once I picked her up early from school and I asked her does she want to go to RRM or to my office (she gets a lot of screen-time there), and her answer instantly was RRM.
– Prince Bajracharya

Pic My daughter attended after school day care at Redmond Ridge Montessori last year and she was her happiest self there.
After having attended a rigorous after school program the first few years of her school life what we realized was all she needed was a safe, homely environment that will let her be herself with no strict agenda. Manjari’s team provided just that. We had to move out of the area unfortunately but I highly recommend this to any parent looking for a good quality after school day care option.
– Ashwini krishnan

My kids went for a short period to Redmond Ridge Montessori after-care, and it was a very positive experience. Very nice and loving environment, with good individual attention. Both Ms. Manjari and Ms. Anitha are very helpful, responsive and great with kids!
– Vidya Murali